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Women on Boards

Webinars | Roundtables | Twitter Chats | Interviews Join us as we share business ideas and experiences, address leadership challenges and explore how serving on a board can enrich your career.


Recognised in the Top 10 Diversity Consultants category of the Global Diversity List 2015

First Annual Leadership in Mentoring Award

Biz Divas honored with the First Annual Leadership in Mentoring Award

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Fast Track Your D&I Journey

Step by Step guide to building a D&I focused Organization

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I Inspire 2017

an Inclusive leadership conference

At  Gurgaon

April 21,  2017

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What We Do

bizdivasindiaBiz Divas provides a platform for creating awareness on inclusive practices, conducting research and building advocacy platform to promote inclusive leadership. It also provides a platform for women of our region to come together and raise a common voice for promoting women leadership across all walks of life. Biz Divas identifies, invests and brings visibility to extraordinary women leaders from all walks of life.

Upcoming Events

Women on Boards Week     August 8- 12, 2016

At Biz Divas Foundation, we believe in promoting gender balance on Boards by nurturing, inspiring, and developing women leaders.  Join us as we share business ideas and experiences, address leadership challenges and explore how serving on a board can enrich your career.


“One of the best things to happen to me was when Biz Divas gave me the opportunity to be part of their Mentoring program. The journey of Mentoring that we embarked upon gives me personally a very big high. I would like to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts taken to ensure that the program enriches not only our professional lives but also personal lives.”

Sangeeta Acharya, Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Sanofi India


“I have had some wonderful conversations with my mentor and from the first discussion onwards, I found her to be insightful, perceptive and empathetic. She has been a patient listener and has made very valuable suggestions. Her advice has been spot on and I do plan to work on it quite seriously. I hope to stay in touch with her and hope to meet her sometime soon. My mentor is a successful and well placed woman in a leadership role and I am fortunate I got a chance to interact with her in a non business environment. A big thank you to BizDivas for connecting me with my mentor.”

Gesu Kaushal, Executive Director, Kotak Mahindra Capital Company Limited

“Biz Divas’s expertise in diagnosing the unique challenges of our organization and then bringing the case studies live via interactive theatre, made them a perfect partner for our Inclusion & Sensitisation programs. The objective to raise the awareness on inclusion and as well as make it very interactive was duly achieved. Thanks Biz Divas Team.”

Vivek Dwivedi, L&OD Head, Honeywell

“My Mentor is fabulous , just the sheer strength with which she has relocated alone without family internationally and taken a global role is an inspiration to me. I am happy to be mentored by her.”

Gayathri Ramamoorthy, D&I Lead, Capgemini

“When I took on the role for Biz Divas I was nervous because I am always anxious about my abilities when I take on something new but because of my love for expanding my horizons and doing new things I was happy to take on the role. The first time I met my mentee I saw a very mature, clear headed and bright professional and my first thought was B she is so smart, why does she need mentoring? And, of course, the pressure on me to add value became even greater. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions we had. They have been great learning experiences for me because I have felt challenged to rise up to her level and gently suggest steps she can take pro-actively to enhance her role and become a valued professional in her new company.”

Gagan Singh, CEO, Business Chairperson Sri Lanka Operations, JLL

“Without a doubt, Biz Divas is clearly the leader in diversity education not only on the strength of the materials, but also on the strength of it’s team’s passion in the subject,’